Quad Camp-Aways & Ride Days 2018

Co-ordinator:   Mark Perkins   0417 320 014

Jan 26th - 28th                       Australia Day.           Kingston.(3 Days)                                           

March 10th -12th                   Adelaide Cup.          Kingston.(3 Days)

March 17th - 18th                                                   Peake (2 Days)

March 30th - April 2nd          Easter.                      Kingston - To Be Confirmed        

April 25th                               Anzac Day.              Kingston - Dates to be confirmed

June 9th - 11th                       Queens Birthday.     Kingston. (3 Days)

July 14th - 15th                                                      Peake.(2 Days)

Sept 29th - Oct 1st                  Labour Day.            Kingston.(3 Days)


Camp-away's are the easiest family fun and social riding events on offer. Just show up on the day, sign in and ride. These fun, open environments are a great place to meet like minded club members, to socialise around the camp fire, ride in groups or with your family and improve your skills. Many of these events will see you camping and riding in some of the best sand dunes that South Australia has to offer. But the laughs around the camp fire at night sometimes outdo even the riding and scenery.

What you need in order to ride at a Camp-away:

  • Your own ATV / Quad
  • Trikes and other motorcycles are also allowed at most of our Camp-Away events.
  • Helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves and pants and fully enclosed footwear are the minimum essential riding requirements.
  • Your own food, drinks and camping gear

Most experienced club members exceed minimum clothing requirements with some wearing full body armour and protective gear that they would use for competition racing. Exceeding the minimum requirement is encouraged. More is better.


Motorcycling South Australia Recreational One Event Licences are available for these events at a cost of $25.00 per person.

MSA Rider Levies of $8.00 per person apply, and is built in to the total riding charge.

QuadridersSA club event charges vary from event to event depending on venue hire and other factors. Day riding typically costs $20.00 to $50.00 depending on how much the owner of the property hires their property out for.

Please contact the event Co-ordinator for further details, including information on which machines can attend each event.

You do not need to complete an Entry Form for a Camp-away - Ride Day. You are welcome to just turn up and complete the required paper work on your arrival.