Thinking about spending time on a Quad?

Thanks for your interest but be careful...........  Its very addictive!

QuadridersSA are here to help and support you in getting started.

There are many types of Quad riding events across a range of disciplines which you might like to try. Disciplines include Motocross and Enduro competitions held throughout the year and Camp-Aways and other fun relaxing weekends and ride days where you can come along and ride recreationally.

Visit each disciplines page, on the left side column, to find the discipline/s that you are interested in riding. This is a great way to get started and ensure you have the right gear to ride. Its easy and you are very welcome to come along and 'have a go'. To assist you with being ready on the day, each discipline page includes information on what protective clothing or safety gear you may need and any licence details and options.  

With a strong family focus, juniors are encouraged to participate in all quad disciplines. QuadridersSA also has qualified club coaches who can offer safety and performance training to improve quad riding skills for both juniors and seniors.

If you are considering becoming a member, the first event for interested new club members is FREE of any QuadridersSA charges.

If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact any one of our committee on the Contacts page, as we are always happy to help out.


The South Australian Governing Body for Motorcycling in Australia is called Motorcycling SA (MSA). They are here to assist you and Motorcycling Clubs in providing the best level of training, safety, opportunity and care in order for on road, off road, recreational and competitive Motorcycling sports and activities to grow and flourish into the future.

           MSA's website offers you a range of documents to help you get started in Motorsport. This information is available at:

Please visit their general website for further information

Of course, just give one of us a call and we can guide you as needed.