Quad Enduro's

Co-ordinator:     William Hepden    wwwwwilbur@gmail.com       0419 868 023

Assistant:           Paul Hendy           colville@adam.com.au           0416 152 799 

2018 DATES 

** 1 more Round 4 event still to come **

March 17th - 18th       Round 1        Enduro                 Peake S.A.

April 14th - 15th         Round 2         Endurocross        Meningie S.A.

August 4th - 5th         Round 3         Enduro 2 Day       Mannum S.A.

 See Entry Forms Page for Sup Regs when available


Enduro's are longer distance off road racing events that are probably best described as competitive trail riding.  There are various layouts and formats available where entrants can race Ironman classes for a full 3 or 4 hours, or team up with a partner to race alternative laps of a 5 to 35km course.

What you need in order to ride:  

  • Your Own ATV / Quad.
  • Helmet, eye protection, gloves, long sleeves and pants, boots and body armour as per Motorcycling Australias General Competition Rules are the minimum essential riding requirements.

Most experienced club members exceed minimum clothing requirements with some wearing full body armour and protective gear. Exceeding the minimum requirement is encouraged. More is always better.


Mandatory Motorcycling South Australia One Event Competition licences are available for these events at a cost of $65.00 per person.

MSA Rider Levies apply at $16.00 per person per event.

Plus QuadridersSA club event charge vary from event to event depending on venue hire and other factors. Day riding typically costs $20.00 to $50.00.

Please contact the event Co-ordinator for further details.

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2018 QuadridersSA Enduro Season Rules:

Our rules are aimed at making entry easy, maximising participation, making it easiest for people to continue and stay in the race.

1.       Junior Classes Offered (run together):  J1 – 90 to 125cc, J2 – 200 -250cc, Junior Sidecar.

2.       Senior Classes Offered (run together):  Teams, Ironman, Sidecar.

3.       A Riders Brief will be held 5-10 minutes before each Race (before Sighting Lap).

4.       Typically Junior racing will approximate 1.5 hours and Senior racing will be approximately 3 hours, which may vary by 0.5 hour at any normal event.

5.       Special events or events permitted by other promoters may have different rules and formats, in which case their Event Sup Regs will prevail.

6.       A Race may be a single event or may include two stages separated by a break or over a 2 day format.

7.       A Race may be a night race or include a night race stage.

8.       Points system will be as per 2018 GCRs, 35 point system, Teams see point 15. 

9.       Points from any class for Sea Lake R1 will be directly transferred into QuadridersSA series in order and recognised from 35 points down (per class).

10.   Teams may include only two (2) entrants which may differ between rounds, and each team member is awarded equal points for that event, and both members must start at least one lap.

11.   Ironman entrants must complete 50% of each race to qualify for place points. DNF Points will be awarded where less than 50% completed.

12.   Ironman classes are the premier classes and will receive the higher level awards and trophies.

13.   Event positions will be recognised down to 3rd place (all classes inc each Team on the day).

14.   Series Positions will be awarded ascending from 5th to 1st place for each category.  The categories being only ATV and Sidecar (items 18 and 19 apply).

15. Series points for each Team Member will be whatever total points were earned by the team at each event, minus 1 point per each event (eg: a win in Teams earns each rider 35-1= 34 points).

16. DNF points apply as per 2018 GCRs  (10 points and descending).

17.   Other recognitions may be announced for top 4x4, Rookie, Husband and Wife Team, Lady, Young Lady, etc.

18.   For a Team to qualify for points at least one person must finish the race (but both entrants must start at least one lap per race, orper event).

19.   To be eligible for Series points a rider must ‘enter’ and ‘start’ in at least 75% of Races in the Series (3 of 4, or 2 of 3 if there are only 3 events in the series).

20.   Race Points will only contribute to Series points if there are 3 or more entrants in that class.

21.   Entrants of classes with less than 3 entrants will earn a ‘count-back’ or ‘decider’ advantage in the case of tied series points.

22.   Entrants may receive any assistance to stay in the race provided the assistance does not advance their position or cause an unfair racing advantage (ie: ok if the rider is slowed, loses time or suffers some loss of position/s).  The effected lap time must be longer than the entrant (inc teams) longest lap by more than 1 minute or the time will be adjusted accordingly.

23.   A broken down entrant may be safely recovered to the pits by another entrant, volunteer or official, where the race track is used it must be in the same direction and not hinder other competing entrants, any other return course must not cause a racing advantage.

24.   A team mate may not resume racing from the check point until their team mate has been recovered to the pit area and changed over by machine or rider physical contact, unless the previous part lap is disregarded and the resumed lap is inclusive of that time.

25.   Entrants, may swap or borrow any scrutineered machine to stay in the race.

26.   Compassionate time may be awarded in the case of an entrant providing assistance to avoid personal injury or harm.

27.   Outside assistance is allowed for refuelling.

28.   Enviro Mats are to be used for refuelling.

29.   Junior entrants may only have a maximum of two Pit Crew inside the defined pit area at any time.

30.   Senior entrants may only have a maximum of one Pit Crew inside the defined pit area at any time.

31.   Pit Crew are not allowed to remain in the defined pit area unless performing legitimate rider assistance or preparation tasks.

32.   Sighting lap is compulsory for Junior entrants.

33.   Sighting lap is recommended but not compulsory for Senior entrants.

34.   No ‘tear offs’ (for Goggles) allowed in Enduro Racing.

35.   Night race entered machines must have at least one forward facing light, at least one rearward facing Red light that illuminates with the ignition on (engine running or not).

36.   All competing entrants must come to a complete stop at the check point and pronounce their race number clearly.  Infringements will attract a time penalty sufficient to ensure a disadvantage which will be immediately added to the competitors time. The rider may or may not be forewarned.

37.   A go slow area will be indicated before the time control check point, between the pits, including any changeover area and after the pits,  the speed limit will be ‘first gear walking pace’ speeding infringements will attract a time penalty sufficient to ensure a disadvantage which will be immediately added to the competitors time. The rider may or may not be forewarned.

38.   Event timing will stop when the entrant in first place reaches the time control check point after the nominated race time duration.  This timing may be varied or declared by the CofC.

39.   If a ruling is required that is not listed here, it will be determined by event officials on the day.  Their decision in relation to that event will be final, and ‘may’ cause a favoured precedent for future events.


2018 Enduro Points System:


 1st         35                         6th         25                        11th        20

 2nd        32                         7th         24                        12th        19

 3rd         30                         8th         23                         etc 

 4th         28                         9th         22

 5th         26                        10th        21

Teams, as per above minus one point.

No Drop Round.