2018 Entry Forms

Note: Generally, Entry Forms (Supp Regs) for Motocross and Enduro events will be available here for you to download, complete and post to the Event Co-ordinator, approximately 2 -3 weeks before the date of the event.

Note: You are not required to complete an Entry Form (Supp Regs) prior to attending a Camp-away or Rec ride day. The Camp Away Co-ordinator or Rec ride Co-ordinator will have the appropriate forms for you to complete on site, on your arrival.

Keep your eye on this page as the following Entry Forms will be coming soon:

 Motocross R1

 Motocross R2

 Motocross R3

 Motocross R4

 Motocross R5

 ASA Sidecar Spectacular

 Enduro R1

 Enduro R2

 Enduro R3