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The Meningie Motorcycle Park is 1hr 30mins South from Adelaide City Centre, and located in a beautiful natural sandy setting 3 minutes away from the shops, pub and petrol station.  The Parks camping and pit area is dotted with shady trees which makes it a cruisey, comfortable family camp site.

The best news for 2018 is that with Councils support, 0ur new Toilet and Shower Block facility is up and running.  Yes, onsite power, water, hot water, showers and flushing toilets.

The riding fun consists of a recently re-vamped compact 1.2km, mostly hard pack Motocross track with all the features, and a joined Enduro and trail ride loop that stretches out the back through the sandy scrub. 

The site is loaded with beautiful natural vegetation and trail loop, riders are reminded that out the back they must stick to the established tracks.

QuadridersSA will run many social, coaching and camping events at the venue and maybe the odd competition too.  Any members are allowed to use the facility and Key responsibility is entrusted to any Full QuadridersSA Member who holds a Current MA Officials License.  Obtaining your Level 1 Officials License is easy, please go to the MSA website for more info http://www.motorcyclingsa.org.au/officiating.html

Riding is only allowed under MSA Permitted Event guidelines, with an Official present.

Recreation or practice riding costs $25 per rider, Junior or Senior.

(Of which $12 is an MSA Levy and $13 goes to the QuadridersSA club).

Non-members who turn up for a ride will pay an extra $15 (Hint, after 5 rides with us, it is cheaper to join up be an annual member).

All 'motorcyclists' are invited to use the park whenever it is opened by any one of our officials.  (Which means we are 'open to public' riding). Details of opening times may sometimes only pop up at the last minute as someone realises it's going to be one of those perfect weekends.

As they are known, Opening times will either be indicated in the Calendar or short notice may pop up in the 'News' section.

The philosophy of the Meningie Motorcycle Park is simple -

Family fun, easy riding, relaxation and social camping for all members and their off road motorcycles. 

The Park has to grow and improve and we encourage all users to adopt it as your home and contribute to the ongoing improvement of the park.  Simply put... leave it better than you found it, and take every scrap of rubbish with you.

We look forward to seeing you at Meningie :)

Lot 50 Yarindale Road Meningie SA.


It all Happening at Meningie.

HEAPS of work has been done.  If you have not been there for a while you will be amazed.  For a start you'll probably drive straight up to the old gate.  We've got a better flash new one now (Thanks to David V and his merry men) which is about 15m down the road.  The old gate will remain as an event day Ambulance access, and heavy machinery access.

And there is still plenty more to come.  The Toilet and Shower Block project is well under way and the concrete slab will be down soon.  From there the building will happen very quickly.

I haven't mentioned the new track extension yet!  The tracks look a lot different to the map above now.  A new big tabletop, 2 new berms, a split track, a two line corner (the inside still needs some work), a new rhythm section with 4 rollers, and all up it must be about another 350m of track longer (dunno, haven't measured it yet).

There is an 'out rider' track running around most of the MX track too now, so a heap more interesting miles for the Recreational Adventure riders too.

There is a lot happening... get involved and help out where you can.  Everyone has been really good and cleaning up better than they found it.  It's just a plain nice spot too, so if you are interested in just doing some family camping... go for it, it's yours.

We still need donations and help in these expensive times as we build the Park up, so please ask how you can help or donate.


Your 2017 QuadridersSA Meningie Reps are Bullet, Drea A, Dave K & Dave V

Key,   Drea    0411 592 780   (Key Master)

Key 1, Sam Blight   (Coorong District Council 'Meningie')

Key 2, Bullet   0458 554 170

Key 3, Mark    0417 320 014

Key 4, Hendy  0416 152 799

Key 5, Smith   0437 662 225

Key 6, Mal, Dave V?