ATV Motocross

Co-ordinator:    Ben Gerrits 0432 691 363

ASA Sidecar & Quad Series:

May 14th                     Round 1                   Crystal Brook.                     

June 4th                       Round 2                   Keith.   

June 18th                     Round 3                   Port Pirie.   

July 30th                     Round 4                    Mildura.   

September 10th           Round 5                   TBA  (This event is not yet confirmed).

August 19th - 20th     Australian Classic MX Title. - Port Pirie

August 26th - 27th     Australian Post-Classic MX Title - Crystal Brook..   

2015 QuadridersSA

South Australian ATV MX Championship Results

OPEN Championship

1  46  Christopher Bosnakis

2  128  Stuart Sculthorp

3  17  Liam Glover

4  43  Michael Murphy

5  144  Lachlan Anderson

6  951  Chris Beimans

7  55  Jemma Merrylees

8  403  Josh Durant

9  19  Roarke Hendy

10  111  Ben Gerrits

WOMEN Championship

1  55  Jemma Merrylees

2  14  Melissa Cooper

3  918  Lisa Hoyle

4  96  Danelle Ellis

5  09   Kirsty Young

6  26  Gina Merrylees

7  11  Jayne Gerrits

Vets 40+ Championship

1  912  Darrell Knight

2  216  Stuart Glover

3  08  Keith Young

4  58  Phil Humphrys

5  26  Gina Merrylees

6  300  Royce Wandin

7  918  Lisa Hoyle

Junior 200-250 Championship

1  22  Aiden Robinson

2  39  Kellan Robinson

3  91 Callum Hendy

4  195  Kiara Ellis

5  717  Callen Holtham

6  299  Jamie Wandin

DNF  Cain Gerrits

Junior 90-125 Comp Championship

1  03 Amelia Squires

2  34  Deegan Lough

3  9  Maddie Thomas

4  04  Caitlin Squires

5  74  Bailey Robinson

6  06  Chase Gerrits

7  60  Brooke Hollins

8  58  Shade James

9  636  Keenen Murphy

Junior 90-110 Limited Championship

1  1  Emma Lavercombe

2  888  Lauchie Coath

3  278  Ryan Meeks

4  60  Brooke Hollins

5  02  Alyssa Young

6  666  Bradley Meeks

7  26  Jayde Merrylees

8  636  Keenen Murphy

Clubman (support class)

1  318  Keegan Ballantine

2  954  Nathan Meeks

3  205  Benjamin Hooper

4  58  Phil Humphrys

5  300  Royce Wandin

QuadridersSA MX Season under ASA.

QuadridersSA has been planning with the Australian Sidecar Association (ASA) for 2015 to be our most exciting Motocross season ever.

Since the 2014 State Title event at Murray bridge where QuadridersSA invited the Sidecar discipline into our race format, both clubs have been further strengthening their relationships so both disciplines benefit from the best MX events.

There was a lot more to it than flipping a coin, and together we have decided that the administration for the season needs to be managed by one club with 100% commitment of the other.  ASA have generously put their hand up for the lead management role for 2015 and 2016.

“ASA want to maximise the concept and make it the most inviting and inclusive discipline combining model, so we have settled on a two year program to ensure we can solidly grow the concept”  said ASA President Rocky Warren.

The Five Round MX Series will consolidate ATV and Sidecar disciplines into appropriate grids as approved by Motorcycling South Australia (MSA).  This will enable 10 to 11 Race Grids at each event.

For QuadridersSA members and any other ATV club entrant the ASA MX Series will cater for the following 5 ATV MX classes:

·         50cc non-comp 4-U9

It is most likely that our beginner Recreational class will be combined with and run on track at the same time as the 50cc Sidecar class for 3 laps.  Actual track sections used will vary appropriate to riding abilities.

·         Junior 90/110 Limited 7-U11, and 90/125 Comp 8-U12

These two classes will race together but be scored separately for a race duration of 4 laps.

·         Junior 200/250 Comp 12-U16

Note that this 2015, 200cc 2 stroke and 250cc 4 stroke class name still includes the Yamaha Raptor and Honda TRX 300cc machine exceptions as per the 2015 GCRs.  Racing for 4 laps.

·         ATV Women, ATV Veterans, ATV Clubman(Novice)

A combination of Senior classes all racing for 4 laps but scored separately.  Note the “Novice” side-note to Clubman specifying that this class is for the low skill or entry skill level Senior riders.

·         ATV Open

All skilled Senior ATV riders.  This class allows Senior riders of all skill levels to race in a proper Championship class format and push their skills up for 12min+1lap race duration.

ASA will appoint an experienced ATV Liaison responsible for ATV technical advice to ASA Management and ATV entrant grading.

Entry fees will not be increased due to the ‘Closed to Club’ entry format.  It has been agreed that a five dollar financial figure will be transferred out of the normal race entry fee to cover single event membership to ASA at each event.

“I’m really happy that we could come to this arrangement so that we can keep costs down for Quad families and all entrants.  Both clubs can see the fair side of this agreement and are more focussed on keeping fees down and maximising total entries to make the season work”  said Verity Hendy QuadridersSA President.

QuadridersSA will be organising the ‘2015 South Australian Sidecar & ATV MX Championships’ which as per 2014 will include both disciplines and much more!

QuadridersSA and ASA are looking forward to a big motorcycling future and further strengthening the growing relationship between our two disciplines.

Practice Days and Social MX riding will be organised by both clubs from time to time, with some very fun events being organised.  Keep an eye out for the pre-season events coming up.

Get excited and stay tuned for Series venues, dates and details aboutASA’s Closed to Club, South Australian Sidecar & ATV MX Series


2015 MX Points System:

1st         35                     6th         25                     11th         20                etc

2nd        32                     7th         24                     12th         19

3rd         30                     8th         23                     13th         18

4th         28                     9th         22                     14th          17

5th         26                    10th        21                     15th          16

No Drop Round


MX Overview:  

An action packed day awaits you. QuadridersSA hire a diverse range of dirt motocross tracks each year for your enjoyment. Tracks are controlled circuits of 800m to 2.4km offering varying jump sizes, bumps and corners.  

Racing intensity and duration varies across the classes on offer, which are designed to cater for all skill levels.  QuadridersSA run Juniors from 4 years upward and our older MX racers are in their 50's.  Senior 'Clubman' is our beginner level Senior competition class where anyone can come along and play on the track without the high level Competition stresses and serious race pressure.  Racing is fun at all levels and you'll find every member will help you both on and off the track.


What you need in order to ride:

  • Your own ATV  / Quad
  • Other motorcycles are also allowed at some QuadridersSA events.  Like MX Practice days and ride days at Meningie.  Keep in mind that our 5 round series will be run under ASA management and combining the disciplines and Sidecars in one day may not leave enough room in the day for 2 wheel classes (at ASA discretion). For more information on which machines can attend each event, contact the relevant Event Co-ordinator.
  • Helmet, body armour, goggles, gloves, long sleeves and MX pants and boots are required (2015 GCR 18.9.4).

Many experienced club members race in more than the minimum MX gear and clothing as per the General Competition Rules.  Exceeding the minimum requirement is encouraged. More is always better.


Mandatory MSA (Motorcycling South Australia) charges for Junior Recreational day licences are available for these events at a cost of $25.00 per Junior, and Competition class licenses are $60 per person. There are no Club charges in this respect.

MSA Rider Levies also apply of $8.00 or $16.00 per person per event.

MX entry fees are yet to be finalised for 2016. A Senior race fee in 2015 cost around $55.00.

Stay tuned for further details.

See "Entry Forms" tab to enter the events.